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Does Your Imaging Suite Need Power
Quality Analysis?

Poor Power Quality will make medical devices appear unreliable. The more technologically advanced the equipment, the more susceptible it is to damage from power issues.


  • Transients can blow a hole in sensitive semiconductor substrate
  • Noise can erode components cause intermittent and premature failure
  • Sags can create intermittent problems causing premature
    component failure
  • Surges will create unwanted artifacts in the image

Consensys® understands the need for good Quality Power

For too many years medical equipment has gone unprotected against power disturbances, power anomalies, and power outages. Radiologists, cardiologists, oncologists, biomedical, clinical, and facility engineers have all suffered with many medical equipment, imaging, and patient issues as a result of power problems without realizing that power was the problem. As medical equipment costs continue to soar and the need for uptime being so important, it has become much more imperative for power protection and a company that understands how important good quality power is to your equipment reliability and, often times, uninterrupted operation.  As part of our service offering Consensys® completes power quality surveys on all covered equipment and will work with our customers to address any power anomalies that could be plaguing your facility, including recommending proper power protection devices. We recently won a full service digital mammography contract that had 54 service events in a 2 year period under OEM service with no resolution. After completing the power survey we found the incoming power to have an insufficient voltage causing the system operational errors. Working with the hospital we were able to correct the facility issue and eliminate the unnecessary service events. Proper detection and protection of the supported modalities avoids system disruptions and assures a continued revenue stream.