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Consensys Imaging Service provides comprehensive service that delivers sustainable solutions for your current and future needs. Our ultrasound service is utilized by in-house Biomedical and Clinical Engineering departments throughout the country. We provide imaging solutions for Aloka, BK Medical, GE Healthcare, Hitachi, Medison, Philips, Siemens, Sonosite, and Toshiba ultrasound machines.

Our highly experienced Consensys Certified™ Field Engineers are trained across all major ultrasound platforms. By partnering with your in-house resources, we provide a high quality and comprehensive solution for all your ultrasound service needs.

Service Capabilities


ProSound Alpha 10, SSD-1000, SSD-500, ProSound Alpha 5,
SSD-1400, SSD-900, ProSound Alpha 7 SSD-4000
ProSound SSD-3500, SSD-5000

BK Medical

Falcon Premium, Leopard 2001, Pro Focus 2202/2200 OR
Hawk 2102 EXL, Merlin 1101

GE Healthcare

Logiq 200, Logiq E9, Vivid i, Logiq 3, Logiq P3, Vivid q
Logiq 400, Logiq P5 ,Vivid S5, Logiq 5, Logiq P6, Vivid S6,
Logiq 500 Logiq S6, Voluson 730, Logiq 7, System Five,
Voluson e, Logiq 700, Vivid 3, Voluson i, Logiq 9 Vivid 4,
Voluson E6, Logiq A5, Vivid 5, Voluson E8, Logiq Book ,
Vivid 7, Voluson i, Logiq Book XP, Vivid e, Logiq e, Vivid E9

Hitachi USA

HI Vision 5500, HI Vision 8500,
HI Vision 6500, HI Vision 900

Medison USA

Accuvix V10, Prestige, SonoAce 8000, Accuvix V20,
SonoAce 9900, SonoAce X6, Accuvix XQ, SonoAce Pico,
SonoAce X8, MySono 201 SonoAce X4

Philips Healthcare

Envisor, SONOS 1000, HDI 3000, EnVisor HD,
SONOS 1500, HDI 3500, HD11, SONOS 1800, HDI 4000,
HD11 XE, SONOS 2000, HDI 5000, HD15, SONOS 4500,
ImagePoint HX, HD3, SONOS 5500, Ultramark 4 UM-4,
HD7, SONOS 7500, Ultramark 400C, HD9, Apogee 800,
Ultramark 9 (UM-9, UM-9HDI), iE33, HDI 1000,
CX50, iU22, HDI 1500

Siemens Medical

G20, X500, Sonoline Antares, G40, 128 XP, Sonoline, Elegra,
G50, Aspen, Sonoline Omnia, G60 S, Cypress, Somoline Prima,
S2000, Sequoia 256, Sonoline Sienna, X150, Sequoia 512,
Sonoline Versa, X300, Sonoline Adara


180, iLook 25, Titan,
180 Plus, MicroMaxx, M-Turbo

Toshiba Medical Systems

SSA-140HG (Power Pace), SSA-350A (Core Vision Pro), SSA-660A (Xario),
SSA-220A (Capasee), SSA-370A (PV 6000), SSA-680A (Xario XG),
SSA-240A (Tosbee), SSA-380A (PV 7000), SSA-700A (Aplio 50),
SSA-250A (Sonolayer), SSA-390A (PV 8000),
SSA-260A (Sonolayer), SSA-510A (Famio 5), SSA-770A (Aplio 80),
SSA-270A (Sonolayer), SSA-530A (Famio 8), SSA-790A (Aplio XG),
SSA-270HG (Power Pace), SSA-550A-10 (Nemio 10),
SSA-320A (Just Vision 200), SSA-550A-20 (Nemio 20), SSH-140A (Power Pace),
SSA-325A (Just Vision 400), SSA-550A-30 (Nemio 30), SSH-160A (Sonolayer),
SSA-340A (Eccocee CX), SSA-580A (Nemio XG)


*Represents partial listing. Contact Consensys Imaging Service at (847) 462-2030 for more information.

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